Siai Marchetti SF-260 White/Red/Blue

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GB models SF 260 Siai Marchetti

The SIAI Marchetti SF260 is an Italian single-engine light aircraft used as aerobatic or military training aircraft.
Around 860 SF-260 were produced, of which about 180 civilian versions. 
Most civil aircraft have private owners, some serve as training aircraft for the Belgian airline Sabena.
The harmonious shape of the SF260 is greatly enhanced by the exterior tanks.

In developing the model, Gernot fulfilled important requirements:
• Designed for electric drive
• Economical power setups from 6 - 12s usable
• large, removable canopy and thus easily accessible to batteries and receiving system
• Stable flying behavior
• low construction costs for the customer
• Light System
• optional landing gear can be used
• low transport dimensions

Span : 2,3m
Weight : +/- 7,5kg

Recommended servos :
8 x Hitec HS-7245MH or HS-5245MG or KST DS589MG
(2 x aileron, 2 x flaps, 2 x elevator, 1 x rudder, 1 x steering) 

Possible Power setup

6s Lipo : 

  • AXI 532516V2
  • Mezon 90
  • 20x12E propeller

8s Lipo:

  • AXI 532520V2
  • Mezon 90
  • 20x12E propeller

10s Lipo:

  • AXI 532524V2
  • Mezon 90
  • 21x12E propeller

12s Lipo:

  • XPWR30cc
  • Hobbywing Platinum 100HV Opto
  • 19x8E propeller



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