Camo R 4.2 wing

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A clever mix of materials: each type of fabric has a very special role. In order to initially offer an optimal life, the most stressed areas are equipped with a reinforced fabric. Conversely, low-stress areas use extra lightweight fabrics. Which guarantees you an optimal life. This is a principle used on "real" paragliders.

This mix of fabrics also makes it possible to obtain an extremely light wing. The inflation, even during wind or low wind, is very simple and takes a few steps. Never seen in this category.

Opale Paramodels has also designed a brand new "Sharknose" profile, providing excellent gliderate, but homogeneous internal pressure during large angle of attack (AoA) variations. The passive safety of the wing and its stability in roll are improved.

Despite its 6.1 aspect ratio, the Camo R4.2 offers outstanding handling. At low load, this one is able to turn almost on his wingtip, like a singlesurface wing. A significant advantage when flying in thermal conditions

Equipped with a pair of proportional 3-lines risers and a specific bridle plan, the Camo R4.2 gets a great speed boost when using the accelerator, while keeping a high level of stability, without deformation and getting massive collapses. The skin tension of the fabric is also preserved, ( no flapping, no scratch), then it warranties the best performances ever.

Delivered in a large volume bag, breathable and protects your favorite UV wing.


Flat area              4.2sqm

Flat wingspan    5.06m

Ratio     6.1

Cells      44

Fabrics  10D / 20D Ultralight

Bridles  Aramid 25 / 50 daN et DFL 70

Wingload            0.95 to 1.9kg/m²Aanpassen:


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