Jarvis full carbon white with red tips (color 2)

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RCRCM 2550mm Wingspan Glider – Jarvis

Available in 4 Versions:

Fiberglass+Carbon Standard Version: Standard hollow molded fiberglass construction reinforced with carbon fiber which gives adequate stiffness and torsion stability with lower weigh and cost. Highly recommended for sport flying. 

Carbon Version: Wings built using carbon cloth as well as fuselage reinforced with carbon from leading edge of the wing to the tail. This configuration gives the model enormous stiffness and torsion stability. 

The first two versions are available in stock. Besides, we have Light Carbon Version(less weight) and Double Carbon Version(with two layers of carbon), the last two versions are customized.

Special Features:

  • Two-piece hollow molded composite Carbon or Fiberglass wing design
  • Carbon Fiber reinforced wing with square wing joiner
  • Live hinges on the wing and rudder with pre-installed wipers
  • Smooth, gel-coated finish with pre-painted graphics
  • Glider fiberglass or full carbon with a beautiful finish comes with all necessary accessories for mounting



  • 2.55Meter Wingspan Glider – Jarvis
  • Ballast Tube(for Motorless Glider only) , Motor mount(for electric version only), servo support, Push Rod, Clevis, Linkage Rod, Control horn, Servo Cover, Wing joiner, tail joiner, servo plate



Preferences                       Motorless

Wingspan:                         2550mm

Length:                              1351mm

Wing area:                         46.7dm2

Flying Weight:                    1940g




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Manufacturer RC RCM
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