Angela E full carbon color 3 yellow

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2000mm Wingspan RCRCM RC Glider – Angela


We at Aerobertics are RCRCM dealer since 2010 and have flown many different models like the Sunbird, Typhoon, Strega, Tomcat, Tucan, … this makes it possible to give you the best advise.

Not sure which RCRCM model you should choose ? don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us !


Superb flying wing - Angela is fully molded with composite material, it has good performance in slope soaring. Angela is equipped with ailerons, flaps and rudder. It looks like a “pterodactyl” when flying in the sky!

Available in 3 Versions:

Carbon Version: Wings built using carbon cloth as well as fuselage reinforced with carbon from leading edge of the wing to the tail. This configuration gives the model enormous stiffness and torsion stability. 

The first version is available in stock. We also can produce two custom versions; Light Carbon Version (less weight) and Double Carbon Version (with two layers of carbon).


This is the carbon version.


Another important thing is about the surface of airplane: RCRCM airplane is fully moulded, Mould precision ensures that each airplane has a complete aerodynamic layout. Yet in the process of composite airplane production, there seldom causes little tiny air bubbles, slight cloth grain, it shouldn’t be seen as a quality issue as it doesn’t affect flight.

About how to storage airplane : It is better to keep an airplane vertical hanging if it’s not flown for a long time. 
Keeping the plane vertically, never gives stress to the airplane, especially the middle of the airplane, this can prevent eventual distortion. 


Special Features:

-Completely new special design.

-Friendly Flying Characteristics

-Top Quality finish

-Easy Handling

-2000mm Wingspan


Wingspan:                      2000mm

Length:                            835mm

Wing area:                      35dm2

Flying Weight:                N/A

Empty Weight:             Fiberglass+Carbon Standard Version:730g
                                     Carbon Version: 840g

CG:                               65-68 mm from leading edge

Tow hook setting           NO

Ailerons                         YES

Elevator                         NO

Rudder                          YES

Flaps                              YES

Required Radio              5 channels

Recommend equipment configuration for a motorless version

Basic configuration

Servos  for wings     KST DS135MG*4

Servos  for fuselage   KST DS245H*1


Meer informatie
Manufacturer RC RCM
Artikel referentie RCRCM01203
Kit versie Almost ready to fly
Spanwijdte 2000
Vliegtuig soort zweefvliegtuigen

In the box


2000mm Wingspan Glider – Angela FULL CARBON - COLOR 3 - YELLOW

Ballast Tube , Motor mount, Servo tray, Push Rod, Clevis, Linkage Rod, Control horn, Servo Cover, Wing joiner, tail joiner, servo plate

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