Black Star 5-250 Radial Engine

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A new "Star" is born

The new Tomahawk Design five-cylinder star-engine was developed in cooperation with experienced German specialist in 18 month time. The result is a very durable and reliable engine for big scale warbirds or towing planes like our Wilga with 3,7m wingspan. The engine is easy to handle and maintain the ignition works perfectly with 2S Lipo at 7,4V. The spares are available at Tomahawk ware house, service will be done by our partner in Germany.

Key features:

  • 250g lighter than comparable engines
  • identical measurements and mounting like comparable engines, easy to replace
  • longer stroke than compareable engines , so no seperate pump necessary
  • more torque by longer stroke
  • reliable construction
  • long maintenance interval 

Under certian circumstances it might be wise or necessary to use a fuel pump


Zylinder:                 5
Cylinder type:                 ABC
Carburetor:                 WT 621
Cylinder capacity:                 250 ccm
Bore:                 39,50 mm
Stroke:                 41 mm
Power:                 14,7 PS / HP
Rotation (RPM):                 1000-5500
Lenght:                 211 mm, firewall to prop flange
Width:                 286 mm
Hight:                 286 mm
Weight:                 5,7 kg (incl. ignition and prop screws)
Propeller:                 32 x 12, 32 x 18 two-blade
Muffler type:                 collector ring incl.
Ignition:                 electric , 2S LiPo direct, electronic
Plug type:                 CM-6
Fuel:                 petrol/oil mix



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Manufacturer Tomahawk
Artikel referentie TH40000
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