Proxxon - MICROMOT mains adapter NG 5/E

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Proxxon MICROMOT mains adapter NG 5/E


MICROMOT mains adapters: safe and efficient power sources for MICROMOT low-voltage tools

With superior capacity of 5A. In compact NORYL casing (heat resistant - recommended for transformers). Variable speed control with feedback effect for optimum tool speed and high torque at low speeds. Three polarised sockets for MICROMOT machines. A pair of sockets for standard banana plugs (4mm diameter) is also supplied. Master switch for turning off the transformer without needing to unplug. Red LED indicates 'ready'. PTC (Positive temperature coefficient) protection against overload (plugged in machine will not restart automatically. After cooling down, the mains plug should briefly be unplugged to reset the adapter). With storage holes for tools with 2.35mm and 3mm shafts. Foldable tool rest for the MICROMOT tool.


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Manufacturer Proxxon
Article reference PROX28704
Tool Type Electric tools