Aeronaut Z-Spinner 38mm

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The Z spinners combine the advantages of the CN spinner (cool nose with cooling air openings) and the cranked Z center pieces. Due to the angled middle pieces made of aluminum, the folding propeller blades fit even closer to the fuselage and thus ensure less air resistance during gliding. The spinners with the middle pieces are designed for slim e-sailor hulls, but can also bring advantages, for example, with wooden hulls in box construction, if these are rounded.


The middle pieces of the spinner sizes 38, 40 and 42mm are interchangeable, for example 38mm spinner caps can be operated with the middle piece of the 42mm spinner. These combination options result in further optimization potential, as this enables a finer adjustment to the respective fuselage. The 30mm spinner has its own center piece that cannot be combined with the other spinner caps.


The Z-Spinner contains a spinner cap (42mm diameter) made of white plastic (very easy to paint), a milled aluminum center piece with an integrated holder for the clamping cone, special prop rubber for folding the propeller blades, mounting screws for the spinner cap and propeller blades.


The diameter of the spinner cap is 42 mm. The center distance (d) of this spinner is 36 mm. This means that the diameter of the propeller blades will decrease by 6 mm (0.24 ″). Example: A propeller with a 12 ″ diameter effectively has a diameter of 11.76 ″ at this center piece (the size specifications for folding propellers always refer to the use of a center piece with a center distance d = 42 mm).


More Information
Manufacturer Aeronaut
Article reference AER725174
Diameter (mm) 38.00
Spinner Type folding