E-Flite Habu STS 70mm EDF SMART Jet Trainer (PNP verison)

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E-Flite Habu STS 70mm EDF SMART JET Trainer (Ready To Fly version)

The new E-Flite Habu could just be the beginning of your 'RC jet' collection! For those who want to learn how to fly a jet plane: look no further. This Habu makes the learning process easier and more reliable. With its length of 1.2m and wingspan of about 1.05m, this EDF Jet is easy to transport and that also makes it ideal for beginners, as well as the construction time of less than one hour; this jet is almost ready in the box!

At Aerobertics we have been one of the most important distributors of E-Flite (Horizon Hobby) models for years and we can offer you the best support when buying these models as they are also tested and used by our demo pilots. Below in the product description you will find everything you need to know about this Habu. If you have any questions, or need help with this 'Habu STS 70mm EDF' RC Jet, we'd love to hear from you, or drop by our 800m² shop + showroom in Bruges and we're ready to assist you with the help of experienced modellers.


The E-flite® Habu STS 70mm EDF is the easiest to fly RC jet EVER. Featuring exclusive SAFE® technology and Spektrum™ Smart components, it’s the ONLY jet new pilots can succeed with as their first RC plane — and is the perfect first EDF for any RC pilot!

Nearly everyone who sees a radio controlled (RC) jet tear across the sky has the same reaction: “I want to fly one of those!” But because of their speed and handling challenges, RC jets have been almost impossible for first-time or low-time RC pilots to fly successfully — until now. Thanks to the E-flite® Habu STS (Smart Trainer with SAFE®) 70mm EDF jet, you can actually learn to fly RC airplanes successfully with a jet!

The Habu STS 70mm EDF is based on the legendary Habu, one of the best high-performance Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) sport jet platforms ever created. E-flite® engineers optimized the design to improve its low speed handling and slow speed performance and added options for taking advantage of exclusive Spektrum™ SAFE® flight assistance technology and innovative Smart components. As a result, the Habu STS 70mm EDF is the STS 70mm EDF est le jet RC le plus facile à piloter et le choix parfait pour satisfaire le désir de tout pilote RC de piloter un jet.



Engineered for improved low speed handling and performance to make flying and landings easier, the E-flite® Habu STS (Smart Trainer with SAFE®) 70mm EDF makes it possible to succeed in learning to fly with a jet as your first radio controlled (RC) airplane! Based on one of the best Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) sport jets ever designed, it’s been optimized with the addition of SAFE® (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology featuring Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced flight modes to make it easy to fly successfully, especially with the help of an instructor.

The inclusion of exclusive Spektrum™ Smart components including a lithium polymer (LiPo) battery and charger make it more convenient to charge properly and safely (battery and charger sold separately for the PNP version). Wide-stance tricycle landing gear with a steerable nose wheel and oversized tires allows for takeoffs and landings on surfaces ranging from paved runways to grass and even dirt, plus you can install the optional Landing Assist Sensor (LAS) that automatically „flares“ for smoother landings to make learning to land even easier! Best of all, the durable EPO airframe assembles quickly and easily without the need for glue or special tools — which means you can be ready to fly in less time than it takes to charge a battery.


The Ready-To-Fly (RTF) version includes everything needed to fly in one box and is the perfect choice if you‘re a new RC pilot. From the Spektrum DXS 2.4GHz transmitter you can use with other Bind-N-Fly® (BNF) and BNF Basic aircraft after you learn to fly the Habu STS, to the 3S 4000mAh Smart LiPo battery and a convenient S120 USB-C Smart charger that can be used with a variety of USB power sources, there‘s nothing extra you need to buy or provide!

A Plug-N-Play® (PNP) version lets experienced modelers choose and use their own transmitter, receiver, battery and charger. And for both versions, the powerful brushless power system including a telemetry-capable ESC and the servos are all factory-installed. And the fun doesn‘t stop after you learn how to fly! In the Experienced Mode, the Habu STS 70mm EDF is capable of performing aerobatic maneuvers including loops, rolls, inverted (upside down) flight and more.

You can use a 3S battery (included with the RTF version, sold separately for the PNP version) for an excellent balance of power and flight time, or you can install an optional 4S battery for more speed and thrust without the need for any modifications or upgrades (4S battery and compatible charger sold separately for both versions). 

As a bonus, the RTF version (RTF ONLY!) also includes a Spektrum WS2000 Wireless Simulator Dongle plus a serial number to download and activate the RealFlight® Trainer Edition RC flight simulator — a combined value of almost $80! The simulator features six popular Horizon Hobby trainer aircraft, including the Habu STS 70mm EDF jet, and built-in Virtual Flight Instructor lessons. This helps new pilots learn to fly successfully by practicing on a PC at home or on a laptop just about anywhere else! Plus, you can upgrade to the latest full edition of RealFlight at a discounted price.

Needed to complete (look at related products):

  • Full-range 5+ channel transmitter and receiver
  • 3S 11.1V or 4S 14.8V 3200–4000mAh LiPo with EC3™ or IC3™ Connector
  • Compatible LiPo charger


  • Unique and optimized airframe design improves low speed handling and slow speed performance, making it possible to learn to fly radio-controlled (RC) airplanes successfully with a jet
  • Based on one of the best first and high-performance EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) jet platforms ever designed — the legendary Habu
  • Five (5) factory-installed servos and linkages
  • Powerful brushless electric power system with 70mm 10-blade fan
  • 3S and 4S compatible 70-amp telemetry-capable ESC
  • Install an optional 4S 3200-4000mAh battery for more power and speed
  • Oversized tires for operation from a variety of surfaces including grass
  • Wide-stance tricycle landing gear with steerable nose wheel
  • Quick and easy assembly — no glue or special tools required
  • Lightweight yet strong and durable EPO construction
  • Practice flying this aircraft in the RealFlight® simulator


  • Wingspan: 40.5 in (1033 mm)
  • Overall Length: 45 in (1140 mm)
  • Flying Weight: 2.5 lb (1.29 kg)
  • Motor: Brushless Inrunner (installed)
  • Speed Control: 70A Brushless (installed)
  • Servos: (5) (installed)


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Manufacturer E-flite
Article reference EFL01575
Kit version Plug and play
Plane Type Jets

In the box

(1) Brushless Inrunner Motor (installed)

(1) 70A Brushless ESC (installed)

(5) Servos (installed)

(1) Product Manual