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Fancy trying out the hobby of “RC model flying” at no cost?


No problem! MULTIflight is our tip for unlimited flying fun - and you don’t have to spend a single penny! Nevertheless it’s exciting, and set in a realistic 3D landscape.



MULTIPLEX offers you the high-quality MULTIflight flight simulator as a great platform for practising the art of model flying. It feels like playing a game, but actually represents a simple method of getting a taste for model flying.


If you are thinking about buying a Multiplex model helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft, the simulator gives you the chance to try out various types before making up your mind. You can test the models thoroughly in a realistic flying environment.


The 3D landscape provides the background scenery of a typical model flying site.



The simulator can be controlled using a joystick, a game controller or an RC system transmitter with interface. The software is particularly convenient for owners of a MULTIPLEX M-LINK system, as they can control the model on the PC wirelessly using the MULTIflight Stick.



With MULTIflight you can polish your flying skills without any risk of damaging the model. All the models feature highly realistic flying characteristics, allowing you to gain invaluable experience - particularly when it comes to the critical flying situations such as: stalls, torque-rolls, positive and negative snap-rolls, etc.



If you want more facilities you can simply update the flight simulator to the PLUS version: more models, more sceneries (e.g. the Zugspitze mountain, MFC Salzburg’s flying site, or the Rotes Kliff (Red Cliff) on Sylt island). The PLUS version also lets you freely adjust the program’s parameters: wind strength, wind direction, lift and thermals.



However, the real show-stopper is the complete MULTIflight PLUS Set.


This includes everything, and constitutes a great way of learning the art of radio-controlled model flying.


Since the SMART SX is a fully featured 2.4 GHz six-channel radio control system, you can also use it to fly “real” radio-controlled models. The range of the SMART SX is about 3 km.


The transmitter features fifty model memories, which already contain the data for all MULTIPLEX RR+ model aircraft; these can be called up automatically by ID.




• Great fun, flying in a realistic 3D landscape

• Authentic model flyer’s angle of view

• Detailed models

• Highly realistic flying characteristics

• Languages: German, English, French

• New models, sceneries and features will be made available regularly for downloading

• Also available with the SMART SX - a fully featured 2.4 GHz six-channel radio control System



Set contents, Stick+CD:

MULTIflight Stick and MULTIflight CD; operating instructions




Minimum recommended system:

Operating system: Microsoft Windows® XP (SP2), Windows® Vista®, Windows® 7 or Windows® 8

CPU Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ 64, 1.6 GHz

512 MB RAM

2 GB free hard disc space

DVD drive

USB port


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