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The Cessna 182 is a popular small single-engine propeller aircraft that first appeared in 1956, with its development rooted in the Cessna 180. The Cessna 182 plays a significant role in general aviation due to its excellent stability, reliability, versatility, flexibility, and ease of operation. It is used in various fields such as private flying, flight training, business cruising, aerial photography, aerial patrols, geographical surveyance, and emergency medical rescue.

Authorized by Textron Innovations Inc., the FMS Cessna 182, with a wingspan of 1500mm, adheres to FMS’s long-standing product philosophy of "perfect appearance, excellent performance."

While painstakingly reproducing the appearance, it also replicates the flight characteristics of the Cessna 182.

Perfect appearance: The FMS 1500mm Cessna 182 breaks the limits of degree of realism that aircraft of the same size and type can achieve, meticulously replicating exterior details, from cockpit windows and cabin interiors to skin lines, antennas, exhaust ports, propellers, navigation lights, and more.

Excellent performance: With high-rigidity lightweight EPO material and a high-wing structure with a large wing area, the aircraft exhibits low wing-loading and high lift-drag ratio.

Activating the flaps, the FMS 1500mm Cessna 182 performs admirably in low-speed control and short takeoff and landing (STOL) —taking off within three meters on the ground and easily flying with half throttle in the air. The aircraft features a tricycle metal shock-absorbing landing gear set and large wear-resistant tires to resist violent landings, eliminating concerns for novice pilots practicing takeoffs and landings.

Following international navigation light standards, high-intensity LED lights are equipped on both wings, the tail of the fuselage, and the top of the vertical stabilizer—allowing worry-free takeoffs and landings in low-light conditions, enhancing realism and adding to the joy of flying. Robust plastic struts give extra strength to the wings during aerobatic maneuvers. In addition, the assembly structure of the Cessna 182 reflects FMS's consistent attitude towards product development—rigorous and meticulous. The model utilizes a convenient snapper assembly structure, integrated servo-connector design, and ball head control surface linkage. These measures, while ensuring the strength and stability of the aircraft, greatly simplify the assembly steps, allowing players to enjoy the fun of flying in the shortest possible time. The PNP configuration includes a 3541-KV840 brushless motor, 40A brushless ESC, and seven 9g digital servos, with high-precision digital servos

controlling ailerons, flaps, nosewheel steering, rudder, and elevator, accurately executing input commands.

Most pleasingly, the 1500mm Cessna 182 can be equipped with the Reflex V3 (sold separately), which can be connected via Bluetooth and unlocks custom tuning functions. After downloading the app, players can choose standard or custom modes based on their preferences and synchronize the desired flight parameters.

Go with FMS and challenge the vast skies.

Key features :

Authorized by Textron Innovations Inc.

High-Performance Power System: Powerful 3541-KV840 brushless motor, 40A brushless ESC.

Rich in realistic details, such as cockpit interior (instrument panel, steering wheel, pilot), antenna, navigation lights, etc.

Metal shock-absorbing landing gear set.

Pre-installed high-intensity LED navigation lights.

Simple assembly structure (snappers+screws).

Superior low-speed maneuverability.

Ultra-short takeoff distance.

Integrated servo connectors.

Large-size battery compartment.

Ball head control surface linkage to reduce surface vibrations and achieve smooth steering.

Tough and efficient nylon and fiber-reinforced three-blade propeller.

Specifications : 

Wingspan : 1500mm /59 in

Overall length : 1250mm /49.2 in

Poids en ordre de vol : 2000g

Motor size : 3541-KV840

Wing loading : 60 g/dm² ( 0.12oz/in²)

Wing area : 33.3 dm² ( 515.7

Brishless ESC : 40A

Servos : 9g x 7pcs

Propeller : 11*6,3-blade

Suggested battery: 14.8V2200mAh-3200mAh 25c

Composition Kit :

A: Front fuselage

B: Horizontal Stabilizer

C: Rear fuselage

D: Supporting Struts

E: Main wing set

F: Vertical Stabilizer

G: Landing gear set

H: Spars

I: Spinner

J: Propeller set

K: Scale antennas

L: Landing gear insert ,landing gear, rocker arm and screw set

What you need to complete :

6+ CH radio set

4S 14.8V 2200mAh-3200mAh 25c LiPo Battery

LiPo Charger

Option : Reflex V3 Module



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Manufacturer FMS
Article reference FMS148RD
Wingspan (mm) 1,500.00
Kit version Plug and play
Plane Type Trainers, Sport & Fun