Multiplex Kit FunJet 2

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Making something good even better is always a challenge. At its time, the FunJet was already the best-flying ELAPOR pusher propeller jet on the market. With the FunJet 2 there is now a further optimized, state-of-the-art version. A highly efficient ROXXY 3S drive, the new canopy shape and the new, high-quality design make the model even more attractive.

The speed with the components recommended by us is around 160 km/h.

The enormous speed and the excellent slow flight and landing characteristics make this model stand out, as it can always be steered uncritically and precisely.

The big difference to its faster brother, the FunJet ULTRA 2, lies in the lower weight and the associated very uncritical manual starting properties. This makes the FunJet 2 the ideal jet when it comes to perfect all-round properties and easy handling.

The sound of the model conveys a real speed feeling at an affordable price.

Due to its size, the FunJet fits in every trunk and should always be carried with you so that daily fun is not neglected :-) Through the optional use of the vector control unit (# 1-01024) and a wing bar (either with an integrated receiver or as a pure gyro) can be flown with the FunJet 2 extreme maneuvers, such as flatspin, knife flights, etc.

Even hovering and torquing is possible with it!

The Wingstabi setups for setting the vector unit (optional) are available as a free download file on the MULTIPLEX homepage.

Scope of delivery ELAPOR® molded parts for fuselage, wing, tail units, canopy. CFRP spar, deep-drawn & paintedcanopy glass,anodized aluminum motor bulkhead, all plastic, small and articulated parts required for assembly, high-quality, multi-colored & punched decals, detailed instructions.



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Manufacturer Multiplex
Article reference MPX100969
Wingspan (mm) 783.00
Kit version Kit
Plane Type Jets