Cable set Wing/Fuselage "one4one"

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Powerbox 1132 Cable set Wing/Fuselage "one4one"

The proven two-servo and three-servo connectors for wing-mounted servos are now supplemented by a version for a single servo.Until now the only option for connecting an individual servo - e.g. in the tailplane - was to use a Uni connector. The new "one4one" wing connector incorporates a whole series of improvements: the new plugs have robust 2 mm gold-plated contacts, ensuring perfect seating even after the connector has been inserted and removed many times.

The hot-melt encapsulation over the solder joints provides highly effective strain relief for the cable, and protects it from all external influences. The optional mounting brackets can be used to secure the plug permanently in the fuselage, and the "one4one" wing connector is also polarised.The obvious complement for a perfect connection is our lightweight, ultra-flexible Premium cable. 


2 mm gold-plated contacts for very high current capacity

0.35mm² cross section

Wire lenght 180cm

Heavy-duty insulation of soldered joints

Excellent long-term functional properties

Soldered joints immune from oxidation

Vibration protection

Kink protection

Resistant to chemical influences

Temperature-resistant from -30°C to +90°C

With optional mounting brackets

Secure connection guaranteed even when inserted and removed repeatedly


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