Dronavia - Identification Beacon AM

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Dronavia - Identification Beacon AM

The Beacon AM beacon is to be integrated inside the scale model, it must be supplied by a voltage source of 4.2V to 8.4V. An LED indicates its status. Its featherweight of only 9 g allows the device to be integrated on very small scale models. Its low consumption of 40 mA on average does not penalize the autonomy of the model aircraft. It is delivered with a 3-pin JST JR socket for soldering (compatible with most receivers: FUTABA, GRAUPNER, etc.) and a heat-shrinkable sleeve. It has a web interface that allows you to check the operation of the beacon and display other nearby beacons in reception mode.


  • Frequence : 2,4 GHz (2437 MHz)
  • Wifi Channel : 6
  • Antenna : Inside
  • Range : 1 Km
  • Weight : 17 g
  • Dimensions : 35 X 24 X 17 Mm
  • Working voltage: 3,7 À 12 V
  • Specific References: EAN13 / 3770013280528 / MPN / Zéphyr BCN AM


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Manufacturer Dronavia
Article reference DRONBEACAM