MULi 6S-Module

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Jeti Duplex 2.4EX MULi 6s-Module Sensor for measuring voltage on LiXX cells

MULi6S modules are designed to measure single voltages of Lixx packs up to 6S. This sensor module is expandable up to three units for measuring batteries with up to 18 cells (3x 6S). Connection to balancing connector, suitable for XH and EHR balancer connector systems.

- Possibilities to serial connection of modules, up to 3 (up to 18s Li-XX cells)

- Programming via the device Manager in the JETI DC/DS Tx

- 32-bit Prozessor

- EX Bus Telemetrie

- Firmware updates


- Dimension [mm]: 36 x 20 x 5

- Weight incl. Wires [g]: 6

- Voltage Range per Cell [V]: 0-4,4

- Measuring accuracy [%]: 0,1

- Temperaturrange [°C]: -10 bis +85

- Voltage [V]: 3.5 – 8.4

- Current [mA]: 20


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Manufacturer Jeti
Article reference JEXMULI6SM
Brand Jeti

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