Multiplex Lentus 3000mm glider, Kit

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Multiplex Lentus - 3000mm glider - 1-00899

KIT version (without motor, ESC, servo...)


The Lentus is the latest model from MULTIPLEX. This model is designed to evolve both in thermal flight and on slopes.


On this Lentus, Multiplex integrates a multitude of innovative developments:


This model, with a 4S 2600 rechargeable battery and an 8x6" propeller, is designed to have a specific optional retractable landing gear built in, then it can also take off from the ground.


Another option makes it possible to activate an already installed towing hook by mounting a Hitec HS-65HB servo, even if an electric motor and the landing gear are already mounted!


This option offers maximum flying pleasure, and the Lentus is the safest model to start towing, because in a critical situation you can immediately drop out and return safely to the field with the engine.


Thanks to a modern profile, this model achieves very high performance and allows a dynamic flying style.


The wings with 4 control surfaces allow very accurate landings (Butterfly).


  • Pleasant flight characteristics
  • Transparent canony with detailed cockpit
  • FES (Front Electric Selflaunch) option with optional retractable landing gear, 4S 2600 and 8x6" propeller, so the model is able to take off from the ground (if this option is installed).
  • Towing hook (can also be used in electric version)
  • Strong wings with double girder made of CFC-ALU
  • Servo contacts with M6 plugs in the wings
  • Removable rudder with suitable hinges
  • Extremely rigid hull in M-Space technology with a Ø20mm profile tube
  • Control surfaces reinforced with stainless steel tubes
  • Spacious and well-structured interior for batteries, rx and telemetry
  • Impact-resistant self-adhesive apron
  • Front framing/attachment board integrated in the decorative board
  • Carrying bag available for safe transport
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany


Still needed:

  • Lentus Propulsion set (Motor, ESC, prop)
  • Servos: 6x Hitec HS-65HB
  • Servo extension cable
  • Glue: Zacki2
  • Battery: 3s 2600mAh LiPo
  • Radio/receiver: 7 channel+
  • Transport bags


  • Wingspan: 3000 mm
  • Overall length: 1410 mm
  • Flying weight: 2300 - 2600 g
  • Wing area: 52.6 dm².
  • Wing loading: 44 - 49 g/dm².
  • No. of channels 7 (option 9)
  • Functions: RC Depth, Steering, Ailerons, Flaps, Engine, (optional retractable landing gear, towing hook)
  • Flying time approx. 30 minutes without any lift


More Information
Manufacturer Multiplex
Article reference MPX1-00899
Wingspan (mm) 3,000.00
Kit version Almost ready to fly
Plane Type Gliders

In the box

Fuselage, wing and tail components, ELAPOR® cabin frame, canopy canopy, CFK ALU spar, all small plastic parts required for assembly, all rod connections, cone, drive plate, collet, pre-cut decoration board and detailed assembly instructions.