Robbe MDM-1 FOX 3.5m PNP Painted Orange

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Robbe MDM-1 FOX 3.5m PNP Painted Orange
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The MDM-1 FOX is a two-seat aerobatic legend in the glider sky, in the man-carrying, as well as in the model construction area. This has good reasons, because the machine was developed for uncompromising aerobatics and offers many expansion possibilities (EDF or turbine drive). The potential of the FOX is far reaching!

The mold-painted full-Gfk kit offers all the prerequisites for this and has received numerous reinforcements made of CfK that we have tried and tested.

We have deliberately chosen a scale of 1:4 to give you a compact, thoroughbred aerobatic glider with the flight characteristics of a large model. Therefore we also deliberately chose a 4 flap wing to give you the possibility to warp the airfoil accordingly and adapt it to the flight conditions, as well as to increase the maneuverability around the longitudinal axis in aerobatics.

The wing stub is made of 18x1mm aluminum tube with solid CfK rod inside. The included parts of the cockpit even allow for a prototype-like extension at your own discretion.

The flight characteristics can be classified as extremely good-natured. The FOX flies in any situation as if on rails, even in aerobatics it reacts agilely and dynamically.


Needed to complete:

  • 130A ESC (Hobbywing Flyfun 130A)
  • 2x 4000-5000mAh 4s battery
  • Powerdistributor, Switch
  • 2x RX batteries (3500mAh 2s)
  • Servo Extension Cable & Multiplex connectors
  • General equipment (glue, epoxy, building tools, radio/receiver…)


  • Wing and tailplane in GRP shell construction with CFRP reinforcements.
  • GRP fuselage with CfK reinforcements
  • Model ready painted in the mold
  • Wing pluggable by means of aluminum CFRP round rod
  • Ailerons, flaps and elevator as elastic flaps, rudder as cove
  • Wing profile: HQ/W 2.5/11
  • Elevator profile: NACA 0010

  • Wings: GFK/CFK
  • Airfoil: HQ/W 2,5/11
  • Building Skill: Beginners
  • Control: H,S,Q,M,WK
  • Drive type: Electric
  • Flight Skill: Advanced
  • Flight weight approx. (g): 7560
  • Fuselage: GfK/CfK
  • Length (mm): 1800
  • Manufacturer: Robbe
  • Rec. Battery: 8S/4200mAh LiXX
  • Version: PNP- PLUG N PLAY
  • Wing-span (mm): 3500


More Information
Manufacturer Robbe
Article reference ROB2661
Wingspan (mm) 3,500.00
Kit version Plug and play
Plane Type Gliders

In the box

  • MDM-1 FOX 3,5 m PNP Orange painted
  • Ro-Power 5062 305 K/V motor, pre-installed (NO ESC included)
  • Prop 15x11
  • 4 Stück FS-128 BB MG HV Digital Servo pre-installed
  • 2 Stück FS-525 BB MG HV Servo pre-installed
  • Cables with MPX connector, already installed
  • Manual deutsch/englisch