Xfly Twinliner 40mm EDF Jet PNP

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XFly Model is excited to announce its first passenger EDF jet Twinliner in the twin 40mm EDF lineup. The Twinliner features a scale outline and details of a classic airliner including twin efficient engines and landing gears with dual wheels. The factory-installed power system, twin 40mm fans with 1413-KV5000 brushless motors and twin 20A brushless ESCs, paired with a 4S LiPo battery, delivers an abundance of thrust for vertical climbs, rolls, loops and other maneuvers. With sensible throttle management, the Twinliner features a potential flight time of 5-10 minutes.

Both front and rear landing gears are fitted with dual wheels, which equips the plane with a strong grip to maintain accuracy and stability while taxiing on the ground before takeoff or after landing. The battery compartment is located in the middle of the fuselage, which allows the plane to easily achieve a proper Center of Gravity. Assembly is quick and simple with no glue required. The model is conveniently sized for flying at large parks, sports fields, or traditional RC flying fields and so it can be stored and transported without disassembly. It can fit fully assembled in just about any vehicle. The Twinliner is fully painted and available in two versions, decals pre-applied or NOT pre-applied (but included in the box) which is ready for any further painting or customisations.


Scale outline and great presence in the air

Efficient twin 40mm EDF power system setup delivering an abundance of thrust for for vertical climbs, rolls, loops and other maneuvers

Landing gears with dual wheels designed for strong grip, accuracy and stability

Battery compartment designed to easily achieve a proper C.G.

Extended flight time of 5-10 mins when using recommended 4S 1300-2600mAh LiPo battery

Quick and simple assembly without glue needed


Wingspan: 1010mm/39.8in

Overall Length: 990mm/39in

Flying Weight: 750g

Motor Size: 1413-KV5000 *2

ESC: 20A *2

Servo: 9g servos*2, 4.3g servo*2

Channels: 4CH- aileron, elevator, throttle, rudder/steering

CG: 93mm from the leading edge

Wing Load: 75g/dm²

Wing Area: 10dm²

Recommended Battery: 4S 1300-2600mAh

Approx Flying Duration: 5-10 mins

Assembly Time: 15 mins

Skill Level: Intermediate

Age Level: 14 years +

Flap: No

Retract: No

Landing Gear: Fixed main landing gear, steerable nose gear

EDF Size: 40MM EDF 12-Blade *2







More Information
Manufacturer Xfly
Article reference XF118PR
Wingspan (mm) 1,010.00
Kit version Plug and play
Plane Type Aerobatic planes