XOAR PJH 20X14 F3A Wooden 2-Blade propeller (Electric only)

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Xoar PHJ wooden F3A propeller 20x14 (electric only)

Xoar PJH F3A propeller has a unique blade design to optimize for F3A competition. For F3A competition, the Aircraft requires constant speed during climbing and cruising with low noise level. The size of the aircraft is required at 2m x 2m, weighed at 5kg, noise level is control at 92db per meter. Tailored to this rigid requirement, PJH series maintains the highest power efficiency and specially engineered tip keeps lowest noise level.
Xoar PJH props are only made from best of the best German Pollmeier lumber, hand picked the top batch to ensure excellent physical property in elongation, breakpoint and distortion rate ensure by its heating process to satisfy F3A requirements. After approving the design in digital imaging, it will be transferred into CNC manufacturing program. After CNC, the semi finished prop comes into shape. The each prop is manually finished to reach perfect surface smoothness and balance which makes Xoar Prop stand out from its competition.


More Information
Manufacturer Xoar
Article reference XOAR060
Fixed or folding fixed
Size (Inch) 20.00
Type prop Wood
Number of blades 2 blade
Electric or gas Electric