Strega II full carbon White/Red (color 2)

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RCRCM 2730mm F3F Glider – Strega II

We at Aerobertics are RCRCM dealer since 2010 and have flown many different models like the Sunbird, Typhoon, Strega, Tomcat, Tucan, … this makes it possible to give you the best advise.

Not sure which RCRCM model you should choose ? Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us !

The original Strega has proved its speed again and again. But slope racing has moved on and so has the Strega II.  Evolution from Strega to Strega II is not a smooth or gradual thing and the Strega II is new wing section and new plan form delivers a real step up in performance. Strega II is the evolution of the famous Strega, the champion of the rapid flight or slow slope. These extraordinary performance are further improved using a new wing shape. The structure has also evolved a bit so as to make it even more robust and lightweight. Strega II has two flaps and ailerons for performing all kinds of mixes to increase flight performance, or achieve specific landings. This glider is for experienced pilots.

More speed for more fun!  Strega II aerofoil and plan form have been designed in tandem in order to optimise performance whilst delivering the most benign handing characteristics of any model in it’s class. Whether it’s throwing the Strega II around on your local slope or putting the Strega II just where you want it on the race course you can do it with complete confidence.


Available in 4 Versions:

Fiberglass+Carbon Standard Version: Standard hollow molded fiberglass construction reinforced with carbon fiber which gives adequate stiffness and torsion stability with lower weigh and cost. Highly recommended for sport flying. 

Full Carbon Version: Wings built using full carbon cloth as well as fuselage reinforced with carbon from leading edge of the wing to the tail. This configuration gives the model enormous stiffness and torsion stability. 

The first two versions are available in stock. Besides, we have Light Carbon Version(less weight) and Double Carbon Version(with two layers of carbon), the last two versions are customized.

This is the full carbon version.


Paint Scheme is also available in a wide range of colors, besides standard color scheme presents on this website, also include some other color schemes. 

Another important thing is about the surface of airplane: RCRCM airplane is fully moulded, Mould precision ensures that each airplane has a complete aerodynamic layout. Yet in the process of composite airplane production, there seldom causes little tiny air bubbles, slight cloth grain, it shouldn’t be regard as a quality issue if it doesn’t affect flight.

About how to storage airplane in case you don’t fly it for a long time: It is better to keep airplane vertical hanging. Never give stress onto airplane surface, so as to avoid deformation.


Special Features:

Control Surfaces: V-tail, Ailerons and Flaps

Two-piece hollow molded composite Full Carbon or Fiberglass wing design

Carbon Fiber reinforced wing with square wing joiner

Live hinges on the wing and rudder with pre-installed wipers

Smooth, gel-coated finish with pre-painted graphics

Fuselage hatch for V-tail servos

Glider fiberglass or full carbon with a beautiful finish comes with all necessary accessories for mounting

Preferences                      motorless

wingspan:                         2730mm

length:                              1470mm

Flying Weight:                   N/A

Empty Weight:                  Fiberglass+Carbon Standard Version:1610g
Full Carbon Version: 1720g

CG:center of Gravity       102-110 mm from leading edge

Tow hook setting              NO

Ailerons                            YES

Elevator                            YES

Rudder                             YES

Flaps                                 YES

Required Radio                 no less than 7 channels

Recommend equipment configuration for a motorless version  basic configuration

Servos for wings               KST DS125MG*4

Servos for fuselage           KST DS215MG*2

Required Battery               4.8-6V



More Information
Manufacturer RC RCM
Article reference RCRCM00402
Wingspan (mm) 2,700.00
Kit version Almost ready to fly
Plane Type Gliders

In the box


  • 2730mm Wingspan F3F Glider – Strega II FULL CARBON COLOR 2 WHITE/RED

Ballast Tub(for Motorless Glider only) , Motor mount(for electric version only), servo support, Push Rod, Clevis, Linkage Rod, Control horn, Servo Cover, Wing joiner, tail joiner, servo plate

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