Hacker Stream-Fan 70/3400 (3-5S)

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Hacker Stream-Fan 70/3400

Our new impeller Series combines two quality products to a high-efficiency propulsion. The Wemotec EVO impeller in conjunction with our new specially adapted to impeller engines will bring your model to unimagined power ranges .
The impellers are assembled and finaly balanced .

  • Setup

Motor: E40-S 2D

EDF: 9-blades
LiPo : 3-5S
Weight incl. Motor: 220g
  • Measurements:
voltage under load: 11,1 V 
ampere: 37 A
thrust: 900g
voltage under load: 14,8 V 
ampere: 60 A
thrust: 1600g
voltage under load: 18,5 V 
ampere: 85 A
thrust: 2400g


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Manufacturer Hacker
Artikel referentie HACK10107518

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