Multiplex - Multilock (725142)

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Multiplex part 725142, Multilock


The MULTIlock wing and tail retainer system makes your models fast and straightforward
to rig at the fl ying fi eld, and holds the components together very well in fl ight. If
overloaded (e.g. due to landing shock) the retainer system “gives“, absorbing energy,
and the wing slides out several centimetres from the fuselage.

Set contents:
4 x pressure knob, 1 ring
4 x pressure knob, 2 rings
4 x pressure knob, 3 rings
4 x spacer sleeve
4 x retainer socket
1 x release wedge
1 x comprehensive installation instructions


Meer informatie
Manufacturer Multiplex
Artikel referentie MPX725142
Type hardware Andere