2S 4250mAh LiIon battery "Compact" Black MPX/JR

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Emcotec 2S LiIon battery 4250mAh "Compact" Black Edition 20A

 Readymade 2S Lithium Ion battery with 3,000mAh capacity. With MPX socket and JR charging socket. The battery can be charged e. g. with the DPSI charging socket (item no. PC4200) without being removed from the R/C model.

Perfectly suitable for receiver current supply.


Advantages at a glance

  • High capacity at very low weight
  • Small dimensions
  • No balancing necessary
  • Low fire hazard even at short circuit


  • Battery type : Lithium Ion
  • Configuration : 2S
  • Nominal voltage : 7.2V
  • End-of-charge voltage : 8.4V
  • Capacity : 4,250mAh
  • Permanent discharge current : 20A
  • Max. charge current : 2A
  • Balancer connector : no
  • Length : 78mm (3.07in)
  • Width : 43mm (1.69in)
  • Height : 20mm (0.79in)
  • Legth battery connection cable : approx. 180mm (7.09in)
  • Cross section battery connection cable : (MPX connector) 1mm² (AWG18)
  • Weight : approx. 114g (5.08oz)


Meer informatie
Manufacturer Emcotec
Artikel referentie EMCA43080
Capaciteit (mAh) 4.250,00
Batterij type LiIon
C Rate 02-20C
Aantal cellen 2 Cell