MAXBEC (2S liXX / 5-6 NiXX - 5A / 12A peak)

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MAX BEC can be supplied either by NiXX or LiXX cells, recommended is 2 LiXX cells or 5-6 NiXX cells. Input voltage is indicated by four LEDs. If the input voltage is above 7.0 V, all three green LEDs are ON. While the cells are gradually discharging, particular LEDs go OFF depending on input voltage (lower then 7 V, 6.7 V, 6.45 V). If the input voltage is under 6.5 V, the red LED goes ON indicating that cells are discharged (if using 2S LiXX then it means that voltage of particular cells is under 3.25 V).


Technical specification 

Recommended Input Voltage :  5,5 – 8,4V
Output voltage : 5.0 / 5.4 / 5.7 / 6.0 V
Peak current : 12A
Continuous current : 5A
Max. power loss : 7W
Max. temperature : 130°C
Dimensions : 60x25x10mm
Weight : 28gr.



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