DS215MG V3.0 HV digital miniservo

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KST DS215MG V3.0 HV Servo - 12mm 19.5g 3.7Kg.cm

The KST DS215MG HV servo is an amazingly powerful and fast metal cased high voltage servo designed to be run directly from a 2S LiPo without needing a regulator. With 3.7 kg.cm of torque, and a rotational velocity of 0.05 sec/60° it combines exceptional power with great precision and market leading speed. Weighing only 19.5 g it is a great servo for glider elevator & rudder and heli cyclic & tail rotor. Also popular on RC EDF jets. The KST DS215MG HV is designed for use with a 2S LiFe or 2S LiPo battery. Do not use on a 5V supply. It is the high voltage replacement of the acclaimed KST DS115MG servo.

Note: the servo packaging gives a lower voltage range of 6V to 7.4V. This is a printing error and the manufacturer has confirmed the servos are fine operating from unregulated 2S LiPo battery.


  • Body dimensions23.0 mm wide x 12.0 mm thick x 26.2 mm high
  • Max dimensions: 32.0 mm wide x 12.0 mm thick x 31.0 mm high
  • Stall torque (6V): 3.1 kg.cm, (7.4V) 3.7 kg.cm
  • Weight: 19.5 g
  • Lead length: 20 cm
  • Operating speed: (6V) 0.06 sec/60° , (7.4V) 0.05 sec/60°
  • Operating voltage: 6.0V to 8.4V
  • Bearings: 2 ball bearings
  • Gear material: Steel
  • Case material: CNC machined 6061 aluminium
  • Motor type: Coreless DC motor
  • Working frequency: 1520 µs / 333 Hz
  • Driver type: FET
  • Digital: Yes
  • Programmable: No
  • Supplied accessories: 3 plastic output arms, 1 arm retaining screw, 2 mounting screw                


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