Aeronaut actro-N 35-4-790 brushless Motor, ø35x48mm, 790kv, 5mm shaf

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The new actro-n motors are not only intended for in-house kits, but also for a large number of flight models on the market. This series offers powerful electric motors of sizes 28-50 mm, which are adapted in speed and torque to the common electric sailors in the 1.5-3 m class, the motors also find their place in our boats with hulls up to approx. 80cm . The 35 mm motors are also ideal for trainer models with a wingspan of up to 1.6 m and a take-off weight of up to 2.5 kg or boats with a length of 80 cm or more. The 50mm series is suitable for larger electric flight models such as our Cessna (order no. 1371/00) and for boats in the size class of our Comtesse (order no. 3085/00).


  • Dimensions : 35x48mm
  • Idle speed : 790rpm 
  • Shaft : 5mm
  • Shaft length : 19mm
  • Lipo : 3-5s
  • No-load current : 2a
  • Recommended continuous current : 40A
  • Max current for a short time : 50A
  • Maximum power : 1000W
  • Weight : 159gr
  • Propeller recommendation : 3S - 14x7 / 4S - 13x7 / 5S - 12x7 


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Manufacturer Aeronaut
Artikel referentie AER700311