picture of the shop

Aerobertics is a shop and distributor specialised in RC model aeroplanes, helicopters, drones and cars situated in St-Kruis, Bruges, Belgium.

The story started when founder Bert Delaere made his first steps in RC at the age of 12 (1990). After a few years he started to participate in F3A competitions (1996), Bert was several times national champion F3A and F3M and participated at several european and world championships. Thanks to this he built up a huge building and flying experience. In oktober 2006 he started to distribute the Krill Katana’s and Aerobertics was born.

The first years Bert was selling stuff through a first website and from the attic and garage. In november 2010 things got really serious and the Aerobertics became full time business with a 300m² shop in Sijsele. Anthony started as first employee a few months later. In 2011 we started to do the distribution for Extreme Flight and the first container from China was a fact, today we have containers on almost monthly basis.
After 2 years in Sijsele place became an issue, time to go bigger ! In 2012 Bert bought his fathers old shop on the Maalse Steenweg, after a lot of renovation work we opened in february 2013.
This is still Aerobertics homebase and that’s what we are now, a 800m² shop with a 800m² warehouse and 6 specialised people at your service.

Aerobertics sells to end customers and to resellers as we are a distributor for many known brands as DJI innovations, Extreme Flight, Pilot RC, 3DHobbyshop, TopRC, Feibao Jets, Powerbox, DLE, GP engines, SLS, Hobbywing, ISDT … and many more.
We also have our “homebrand” Titanium that offers a lot of nice high quality accessoires at very competitive prices !

Aerobertics stands for correct, honest information, service and big stock at the best prices, in our shop, through our website or on the many events, shows, competitions and fairs we attend every year.

It's our pleasure to share our knowledge and experience with you in order to help you choose the best model and setup. We know what we are talking about.