10 mm self adhesive Pinking Tape 16.8 m, saw tooth height 0.5 mm

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10 mm self adhesive Pinking Tape 9.6 m, saw tooth height 1.0 mm

The covering on full size aircraft is not only glued on with dope, but is sewn to ribs and stringers to achieve a stronger covering. The distance between the knots is variable. In high stress areas such as in the propeller wash, the knots are more closely spaced. For protection all edges and sewing are covered with pinking tape.


To improve the realistic effect of a scale, or semi scale model, the sewing is a deciding factor. It is a pity that a well built model is so often all too shiny and smooth, this is very boring especially on large antique models, which then do not appear to be very scale.

Our Pinking Tape is made from a highly flexible, non shrinking white self adhesive film. This tape is applied before painting the model. For those who wish to go further, the knots can be simulated with PVA glue and a hypodermic needle.


On the full size Piper Cub the Pinking Tape was 50 mm wide over the ribs, and double so wide around the wing tips and tailplane edges, the saw teeth are approximately 2 mm high. The experts use the Pinking Tape #2237 with the 0,5 mm saw teeth. The fine toothed pattern is difficult to see on the model. On the full size it is no different. If one stands at the wing tip then the saw teeth on the fuselage are not visible to the naked eye. For he who would like more readily visible saw teeth can use the Pinking Tape #2223.



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Manufacturer Toni Clark
Référence d'article TC2235
Type covering / paint Orastick/Oratrim/Oraline