Servo voltage regulator

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 The Servo Voltage Regulator makes it possible to use servos and receivers designed for a 2S LiPo receiver battery in combination with "normal” 4.8 V / 6 V servos, with an airborne voltage of up to 8.4 V. Simply connect the servo which requires the reduced voltage to the SVR, and connect this in turn to the appropriate receiver servo output socket. The SVR supplies a regulated voltage of 5.5 V. Tip: the SVR can also be used to connect the receiver to other "small” consumer units which require reduced voltage (e.g. gyro, stabilising system, ECU, lighting system …)




Receiver voltage:            2S-LiXX or 5 NiXX cells

Output voltage:               5.5 V stabilised

Max. servo current:       1.5 A

Dimensions (L x W x H):               approx. 35 x 12 x 9 mm

Weight:               approx. 8 g


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Manufacturer Multiplex
Référence d'article MPX85066
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