M-link teacher/student stick 2.4 Ghz

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Multiplex M-Link teacher/student stick 2.4ghz

If you want a fast, reliable method of becoming an experienced model pilot, Trainer mode is your best bet:
The Stick is connected to the DIN socket of the MULTIPLEX Teacher transmitter, and is bound to the Pupil’s 2.4 GHz M-LINK transmitter.
The Teacher transfers the control functions of the model from the Teacher transmitter to the Pupil transmitter, i.e. The pupil takes control.
If a critical situation should arise, the Teacher can at any time resume full control of the model by operating a switch or button on the Teacher transmitter.

Any transmitter with 2.4 GHz M-LINK technology can be used as the Pupil transmitter

As Teacher transmitter you can use any MULTIPLEX transmitter featuring a DIN multi-function socket and Teacher functionality, regardless of whether it is fitted with 2.4 GHz M-LINK* or xx MHz technology.

The model is always controlled from the Teacher transmitter, and must be equipped with a receiving system which matches that transmitter, i.e. it must either be bound to the Teacher transmitter (2.4 GHz), or be set up on the same channel (xx MHz) and the same transmission mode (PPM / PCM) as the Teacher transmitter.

  • Greater freedom of movement for Teacher and Pupil. The two pilots can even stand twenty to thirty metres apart if they wish.
  • Nothing to get in the way during pre-flight checks, the launch or the flight itself
  • It makes no difference who stands to right or left.


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Manufacturer Multiplex
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