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 Voltage sensor*


Measures voltages up to 60 V (e.g. flight pack / drive battery, ignition battery, turbine battery ...). You can monitor all the safety-relevant airborne voltages in order to have a clear overall idea of the model’s safety situation. If the second measurement channel is activated using a MULTImate (or your PC with Sensor Data Manager), the sensor can measure a second voltage value and pass it on to the transmitter.



voltage sensor with UNI lead

Accessories / replacement parts:

UNI lead (2 x socket) # 8 5056

For connecting the voltage sensor (# 8 5400) to the SAFETY-SWITCH 12 HV

TwinBatt / 12 HV TwinBatt (M6) (# 8 5009 / # 8 5010).

The following can be activated and altered using the MULTImate, or using Sensor Data Manager on the PC:

Address Address (screen line on transmitter) at which the voltage is displayed

Top alarm Upper voltage value, above which an alarm is triggered at the transmitter

Bottom alarm Lower voltage value, below which an alarm is triggered at the transmitter

Option Additional generation of minimum, average or maximum voltage

Address option Address (screen line on transmitter) at which the optional value is displayed

The same applies to the second measurement channel





Measurement range:    +/- 60 V (2 measurement channels)

Resolution:        0.1 V

Dimensions (L x W x H):               38 x 17 x 7 mm

Weight:               approx. 10 g


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Manufacturer Multiplex
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