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Ultra-small, lightweight data logger which records all data present on the MULTIPLEX Sensor Bus (MSB) onto a Micro-SD card.
The data are saved in the .csv data format, and transferred from the Micro-SD card to a PC (Micro-SD USB card reader included in the set). The data can then be displayed and analysed using Microsoft Excel or LogView.
The FlightRecorder is connected to the sensor socket (“S”) of a telemetry-capable M-LINK receiver or any sensor.
At least 100 hours recording duration
With 2GB Micro-SD card at maximum data rate and the maximum number of sensors. The card can be replaced by a standard Micro-SD card of larger capacity at any time.
Recording process start / stop
Can be controlled from the RC transmitter; alternatively auto-start / auto-stop when switched on and off.
Flight path display using GPS data and GoogleEarth
Data export via LogView in “.kml” data format for use with GoogleEarth. Requires the MULTIPLEX GPS # 8 5417, version 1.30 or later.
Can be installed in the transmitter and operated as data logger
The FlightRecorder can also be operated as a telemetry data logger in the transmitter; in this case the FlightRecorder is connected to the “COM.” port* of the HFM3, HFM4, HFMx V2, HFMG or COCKPIT SX M-LINK. However, uninterrupted data recording of telemetry / sensor values and maximum data rate can only be guaranteed when the unit is used as a genuine flight recorder in the model. It is also possible to operate the FlightRecorder in the transmitter simultaneously with the Telemetry-Display # 4 5182!
* If your HFM3 or HFM4 M-LINK module, or COCKPIT SX M-LINK transmitter, is an early model, it may be necessary to carry out a hardware upgrade or software update.
Option of “Stand-alone mode”
The FlightRecorder can also be operated without an M-LINK system (receiver and transmitter). In this mode the sensors are connected directly, and the unit records the data generated by them. This can be useful in models without 2.4 GHz, with a non-Multiplex system, or for non-modelling use: hiking, cycle touring, etc
Firmware can be updated via PC / Internet update procedure (MULTIPLEX Launcher) and USB PC lead (UNI) # 8 5149.
Set contents:
FlightRecorder with 2GB Micro-SD card and Micro-SD USB card reader
Specifications :
Recording duration : >100 hr
Data format : .csv
Current drain : approx. 36 mA
Operating voltage range : 3.5 - 9V
Temperature range : -20°...+55° C
Weight : 7 g
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 33 x 20 x 8 mm


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