Emcotec DPSI RV Mini 6 - No switch (A11034-1)

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Double alimentation électrique avec distribution du courant d'asservissement et distribution du signal d'asservissement de six canaux de réception à sept servos.


Édition standard

  • Récepteur de tension de sortie : 5,2V ou 5,9V réglable par jumper
  • Tension de sortie des servos : 5,9V ou tension de batterie pleine réglable par jumper 
  • Boît : Couverture DPSI standard


ATTENTION Vous pouvez choisir vous-même l'interrupteur souhaité.

Ajoutez le interrupteur séparément à votre commande.

Les options possibles se trouvent dans la section "Accessoires recommandés".

  • DPSI pin switch actuator

    • DPSI magnetic switch actuator (PCB)
    • DPSI gas cap switch actuator
    • DPSI remote switch actuator (Duplex)*I (Duplex uniquement)
    • DPSI magnetic switch actuator (housing)


    • Fully redundant power and servo management system of the latest generation
    • Current distribution of 6 receiver channels to 7 servos (additional servos directly connectable to the receiver)
    • Up to 50A peak current load for optimal servo power
    • Failsafe electronical power switches with the proven pin switch actuator - the switching is not influenced by a micro controller (CSHC)
    • Regulated output voltage for the use of all battery types
    • SDVS - Selectable Dual Voltage Supply for discrete receiver and servo voltage provisioning:
    • Receiver voltage switchable between 5.2V and 5.9V
    • Servo voltage switchable between 5.9V and 7.4V
    • LowDropOut regulators for minimum dissipation loss and maximum power
    • Protection of the receiver against the so-called "dynamo effect"
    • APP - Advanced Push-Pull servo pulse amplification - ideal for 2.4GHz applications
    • HFIB - High Frequency Interference Blocking rejects interference from long servo cables
    • IVM - Intelligent Voltage Monitoring with integrated status and alarm display
    • Easily programmable for all battery types: NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion, Li-Po or LiFePo4
    • Optical and acoustical error indication
    • High grade ABS housing
    • Delivery includes On/Off switch including mounting hardware, MPX high current connectors, 6 patch cables, operating instructions

    • Power sources  5, 6, (7)-zellige NiCd / NiMH Zellen, 2-zellige Lithium-Ion-Akkus, Lithium-Polymer-Akkus, LiFePo-Akkus
    • Operating voltage range: 5,0V - 13V
    • Nominal input voltage: 6,0V - 8,4V
    • Quiescent current (switched off): ca. 1µA pro Akku
    • Quiescent current (switched on): ca. 55mA
    • Max. permanent current @ 5.9V: 5A
    • Max. peak current @ 5.9V: 50A
    • Working temperature: -10°C bis +50°C
    • Dimensions : 77 x 99 x 15,8mm
    • Weight: ca. 105g
    • Drop-Out-: @ 4A, 0,4V
    • EMI for every servo output
    • Störsignalunterdrückung bei 35MHz: -20dB bei 35MHz, -34dB bei 100MHz
    • Mounting screws: 4 x 4,2mm
    • Distance between holes: 78,7 x 67,7mm
    • Output voltage receiver: 5,2V or  5,9V (settable by jumper)
    • Output voltage Servos: 5,9V or full battery voltage (settable by jumper)


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    Manufacturer Emcotec
    Référence d'article EMC015
    Type powerdistributor Powerbox