60% Standard Wing J-3 Cub: 252"ws

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 How about an RC ARF with a 21’ (252”) wing span?

Yup, this is the biggest RC Super Cub ARF in the world! Powered with a 3W-275cc motor, you will have an airplane capable of taking off in as little as 15 feet!

With full flaps deployed, the airplane can slow down to an incredible 14 mph or less! Getting into your local RC field will not be a problem with this monster!

With a removable stab and wings, everything will fit easily into a 14’ long trailer or vehicle for transportation.

Full hardware packages are now part of the kit including: control arms, pull/pull system, pushrods, and wheels.



Engine:                3W-275cc

Canister:                             Yes

Wing Span:                        21 feet (252”)

Length:                                14 feet (168”)

Weight:                               115 pounds

Height:                 50” tallest point from ground

Width:                  45” landing gear

78” Stab


Servo requirement and minimum torque requirement:

Ailerons:                             (4-8) 800oz. of torque per aileron

Rudder:                               (2) 400oz.

Flaps:                    (4) 400oz.  per flap

Elevator:                             (4) 400oz. per elevator

Throttle:                             (1) as required

Choke:                 (1) as required

Total:                    (16-20 servos)


2-Scheme choices:

White with Red trim

Yellow with black lightning bolt


Plus d'infos
Manufacturer Bill Hempel kits
Référence d'article HMPL011
Version du kit Almost ready to fly
Type d'avion Maquettes