60% L4 Grasshopper with Flaps: 252"ws

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 This is quite possible the biggest ARF in the WORLD. At 21’ (252”) wing span this airplane will dwarf anything you park next to on the RC field! The flying weight of this monster is right at 115 pounds so we are well within the AMA’s weight limit and is easily certified. With the 3W motor, this airplane will be off the ground in as little as 10’ distance and climbing at a 60degree angle. What a great flying machine!

Engine: 3W-275 
Wing Span: 21 feet (252”)
Length: 14 feet (168”)
Weight: 115 pounds
Servos: 16-20
Color: Green-Grey


More Information
Manufacturer Bill Hempel kits
Article reference HMPL018
Kit version Almost ready to fly
Plane Type Scale Airplanes