DPSI Micro DualBat 5.9V/7.2V MPX-1xMPX

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Emcotec DPSI Micro DualBat 5.9V/7.2V MPX-1xMPX

Ref. A11041

Dual power supply for 5/6cell NiCad/NiMH as well as LiIon/LiPo and LiFePo4 batteries. Regulated and stabilized output voltage 5.9 volts or 7.2 volts adjustable.

Dual electronically On/Off-switch for complete contact less switching operation with an external magnet from outside.

The used battery type and the low voltage detection can be programmed. Intelligent voltage monitoring with optical error indication.

Designed for 5 up to a max. of 10 servos. Supports 4A (@5.9V) continuous current and 25A peak current



  • 2 battery connector cables MPX with flexible silicone strand 0.5 mm²/AWG21 cross section.
  • MPX connectors with high grade silicone strand 0.5 mm²/AWG21 cross section on output side.
  • All connectors are gold plated (FCI contacts).


  • Power sources: 5 bis 7-zellige NiCd / NiMH-Akkus, 2-zellige LiIon, LiPo, LiFePO4-Akkus
  • Operating voltage range: 4,8V bis 12V
  • Nominal input voltage: 6,0V bis 8,4V
  • Output voltage: 5,9V oder 7,2V per Schiebeschalter einstellbar
  • Quiescent current (switched off): <1µA pro Akku
  • Quiescent current (switched on): ca. 90mA gesamt (LED Ein)
  • Max. permanent current @ 5.9V: 4A
  • Max. peak current @ 5.9V: 10A
  • Maximale Verlustleistung (Dauer): 8W
  • Umgebungsbedingungen: -10°C bis +50°C
  • CE-Prüfung: gemäß 2004/108/EC
  • Dimensions: 73,4mm x 19,4mm x 14,1mm
  • Weight: 34g
  • Max. Dauerstrom @ 7,4V: 5A


Meer informatie
Manufacturer Emcotec
Artikel referentie EMCA11041
Type powerdistributor schakelaars

In the box

  • 1 DPSI Micro DualBat 5.9V/7.2V MPX-1xMPX
  • 1 switching magnet with EMCOTEC tag, screws
  • 1 screwing collar
  • 1 drilling template
  • 1 vibration protection
  • 1 quick reference guide.